Cameron Tringale Confesses: Scorecard Error Admission Costs Golfer $53K

Stacy Carey

Cameron Tringale confessed to a scorecard error that took place during the US PGA Championship recently. The PGA Tour player, who is in his fifth season, now says he failed to record a stroke that happened on the 11th hole. He has asked that he be disqualified from the tournament.

ESPN reports that Cameron Tringale confessed that he went to tap a putt in on the 11th hole Sunday, but the putter passed over the ball. That is the stroke that he didn't record and that he is now acknowledging. Trinagle says, "While approaching the hole to tap in my three-inch bogey putt, the putter swung over the ball prior to tapping in." He adds that as he realized there could be a question of whether that should be counted as a stroke, so he spoke to the PGA of America about it.

Tringale goes on to note that he "shared with them my conclusion that the stroke should have been recorded. I regret any inconvenience this has caused." Cameron's decision to come forward and request that he be disqualified cost him about $53,000, Fansided notes. This was the 26-year-old's best finish in a major championship, but now adjustments will be made to the final standings and he will be excluded. Tringale has made about $1.3 million this year after participating in 27 events.

According to Bleacher Report, had Tringale recorded that shot at the time, he would have tied for 36th place rather than 33rd place where he was originally placed. He is currently ranked at number 107 in the world, and this has been his best season yet. While his scorecard doesn't seem to have been questioned at the time the US PGA Championship finished, it appears that the questionable stroke weighed heavily on his mind.

The PGA's chief championships officer Kerry Haigh tol ESPN, "We are very appreciative of Cameron coming forward to inform us of this situation." He added, "It again shows the great values and traditions of the game and the honesty and integrity of its competitors." While many think it's impressive that Cameron Tringale confessed to the scorecard error, others note they think the decision is bizarre.

The final standings for the tournament will be adjusted, with those who originally finished below Tringale moving up a spot. It is said that the shift does not impact the US Ryder Cup team rankings. While there have been a handful of golfers in the headlines lately, this latest is definitely a different take on the usual. What's your take on Cameron Tringale's confession?

[Image via Zimbio]