Katharine McPhee Pulls A Kaley Cuoco, Is Accused Of Cheating And Lying

Katharine McPhee appears to be dating Elyes Gabel, her cute, curly-haired costar in the upcoming CBS series Scorpion. So how is Katharine pulling a Kaley Cuoco?

In Scorpion, McPhee plays a waitress who befriends a geeky genius and his equally-nerdy group of friends. Does this plot sound familiar yet? It appears as though CBS is trying to duplicate the success of The Big Bang Theory by borrowing some key elements from its hit comedy series and adding them to the plot of Scorpion.

But the similarities don’t stop there. In photos published on TMZ, Katharine McPhee can be seen kissing Elyes Gabel and grabbing his butt. The show wasn’t filming when this PDA was captured on camera. This blossoming relationship with a CBS costar is what McPhee has in common with Kaley Cuoco.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kaley Cuoco once dated her Big Bang Theory costar Johnny Galecki. Hopefully Katharine McPhee and Elyes Gabel know what they’re doing — things could get awkward if they hook up and break up. Galecki and Cuoco’s relationship didn’t last, but Johnny said that he and Kaley remained “dear friends” after their split. Unfortunately, many exes don’t get along that great after breaking up, so Katharine and Elyes might have a hard time working together if their relationship doesn’t last.

McPhee is certainly no stranger to drama when it comes to her love life. Last October, she was photographed smashing her face into that of married Smash director Michael Morris. Katharine was also married at the time, but she claimed that she and Nick Cokas were separated when her canoodling with Morris occurred.


Katharine McPhee’s estranged husband is now telling a different story. According to TMZ, Cokas has filed new divorce documents contesting Katharine’s claim that they were separated at the time she was caught hooking up with Morris. Cokas in possession of emails and texts about their relationship that could prove McPhee was cheating on him by making out with Michael Morris.

Katharine previously claimed that the couple separated in March 2013, which would be a few months before she was photographed with Michael. However, Nick Cokas claims that their separation didn’t take place until May 2014. The timeline matters because Cokas is hoping to score spousal support.

You’d think Katharine McPhee would be wary of hooking up with coworkers after that ordeal, but she definitely doesn’t look worried in the photos that show her getting cozy with Elyes Gabel. If the Scorpion costars’ fling does go the way of Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco’s relationship, do you think that they’ll be able to continue working together like The Big Bang Theory costars? Or will the end of their little love affair spell disaster for their new CBS series?

[Images courtesy of Just Jared, Zimbio]