ISIS Flag Flown In America Was Just A Misunderstanding, Claims New Jersey Muslim

A case of an ISIS flag being flown from the front porch of a home in America is claimed just to be a misunderstanding. The homeowner Mark Dunaway claims he’s been using the Islamic flag for years and had no idea what it truly meant.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, even Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda apparently think ISIS is too wicked to join forces with. The Islamic terrorist group is now the richest in the world and apparently the best organized since it’s believed that ISIS sleeper cells are allegedly planning a large scale terror attack within the United States.

The ISIS black flag was spotted earlier this week by neighbors and one person caught the world’s attention when he posted a Twitter tweet featuring a photo of the flag hanging up. The black banner is emblazoned with the Arabic words “The only god is Allah” and ISIS became infamous for promising to plant that same black flag on top of the White House. The police investigated but the owner voluntarily took down the flag.

It turns out that Dunaway had converted to Islam more than 10 years ago and the flag was given to him by a friend. He says he was unaware that the black flag was associated with ISIS and their desire to reestablish the Islamic caliphate:

“I hang it every Friday and every Ramadan which ended not too long ago and I keep it up a little longer than I normally do. I guess some people saw it and got offended so I took it down. I do not support any militant group or anything like that. This is nuts to me. It was not my intention to offend anybody. This is not new. I’ve been doing this for ten years.”


The Twitter comments were quite a wake up for the man since some of them even threatened his life, saying he should have his head cut off just like ISIS is doing to Christians in the Middle East. Dunaway even claims he had never even heard of ISIS until this week.

“I try not to watch that stuff. I try not to get involved. I had no idea. This is just some that is part of my regular routine that I hang up. I hope they [the Islamic State] goes away real soon. I hope I can display my flag again with no problem.”

The ISIS flag has since been replaced by the NFL’s San Diego Chargers flag, although Dunaway did keep up the other Islamic flag.