Watch: Wild Dogs Chase Russians Up Jungle Gym [Viral Video]

A video of a pack of wild dogs chasing some Russians up a jungle gym has gone viral. The video was uploaded just two days ago and has already received over 43,000 hits at the time of this posting.

The video made its way to Reddit and has Redditors chattering. Some of the Reddit users commenting on the post just want to know if this is normal in Russia. The Sochi Olympics made media headlines when it was noted that the Russians were killing stray dogs in the area.Sochi was said to have a large a dog problem. Thousands of stray canines wander the streets and suburbs of Sochi. They could be seen walking through the recently completed parks and housing developments that have sprung up around what was once a sleepy Black Sea resort. This lead Russian animal rights activists to accusing city authorities of exterminating the stray dogs through the use of poison leaving many of them dead.

However, other users say Russia is a paradise with all of its viral videos. Reddit user memespouter3001 says:

"I love Russia so much. Lunatics, dashcams, packs of stray dogs, based Putin, tigers, lunatics with no apparent fear of heights, beautiful women...It's honestly paradise."
Russia is home to a large variety of viral videos. The video of "The World's Most Patriotic Cat" comes out of Russia as does the video of a Russian man ordering ducks to attention as he marches them into a barn.

What do you think of the latest viral video to come out of Russia? Does it make you want to stay clear of Russia and their large dog population?