Elizabeth Warren Announces MA Senate Run

The awesome and inspiring Elizabeth Warren has announced plans to run for Senate in Massachusetts, and the long-time advocate for consumers and the middle-class has come out swinging.

Warren has been gunning for reforms that center on Wall Street and moneyed lobbies for some time, and cites a commitment to a middle class that has been “chipped at, hacked at, squeezed and hammered for a generation now” in her announcement (adding that she doesn’t “think Washington gets it”) distributed on YouTube. The woman dubbed after the TARP deals as one of the “new sheriffs of Wall Street” admits up front that her campaign will not be popular with special interest groups but declares a commitment to fighting for the interests of the little guy. Warren laments in her announcement:

“Washington is rigged for big corporations that hire armies of lobbyists… A big company like GE pays nothing in taxes and we’re asking college students to take on even more debt to get an education, we’re telling seniors they may have to learn to live on less. It isn’t right, and it’s the reason I’m running for the U.S. Senate.”

Warren, a Democrat who will challenge incumbent Scott Brown for the Senate seat, nods to the struggles of every day Americans and promises a focus on restoring the middle class, at least in Massachusetts:

“The pressures on middle-class families are worse than ever, but it is the big corporations that get their way in Washington. I want to change that. I will work my heart out to earn the trust of the people of Massachusetts.”

Below, a clip of Warren’s YouTube announcement- do you think a platform of corporate responsibility and restoring the middle-class will resonate with voters?