Brother And Sister Aged 11 And 12 Treated Like 'Rabid Dogs' By Couple, Force-Fed Adult Bi-Polar Medication

A brother and sister, aged 11 and 12, were allegedly kept in cages and treated like 'rabid dogs' by a Florida couple who have been arrested and charged with various counts of child abuse.

According to Polk County Police chief Grady Judd, Sean Pearson and Jessica Rowland kept the children in a cage locked in a closet and treated them to daily beatings and humiliation.

Pearson, who was charged in 2005 with sexual battery on a victim under 12, did not hold back when telling detectives what he and his girlfriend made the children go through.

Sheriff Judd said the girl's head was shaved and she also had her wrists tied together and the rope strung up over a beam to punish her: "You can't imagine treating your worst enemy the way they treated these two babies," said Sheriff Judd.

What makes the shocking case even worse is the fact that the children were being "looked after" by the couple but authorities did not say what relationship they were to them.

Among other unbelievable allegations, according to an arrest affidavit, the couple forced the children to sit on cans of vegetables and the girl was force-fed strong bi-polar pills to calm her down.

WFLA TV reported that a Neighbor, Randi Evans, who alerted police to the alleged abuse, said he would often hear the screams of the children: "They were in pain screams, scared screams," he said.

Evans apparently called the police after he watched Pearson hose the children down, naked, with a high pressure washer outside the Lakeland, Florida home.

Pearson admitted to detectives he and his girlfriend disciplined the children and that he could "write a book" about the discipline he gave them.

Both Pearson and Rowland are being held on a combined bond of $400,00 at the Polk County Jail after facing six aggravated child abuse charges.