First Look For Satanic Statue To Accompany Ten Commandments At Oklahoma Capitol Release

Jan Omega

Ever since atheists filed a lawsuit for the removal of the Ten Commandments at the American Civil Liberties Union in Oklahoma, the supposed war between the faith for Jesus Christ and those who say they have no faith at all has amplified. From counter lawsuits to counter counter lawsuits, this back and forth game has been both rewarding and tiring for both sides. Eventually, the situation would come to a conclusion in which atheists would be allowed to erect a monument showcasing the Atheist Ten Commandments.

Back in January, we here at The Inquisitr reported that a satanist group wanted to join the Christians and the atheists in having a monument erected in honor of their faith. Now, we have reports of actual photos of the monument that is planned to be set up at American Civil Liberties Union.

According to an article by The Escapist, the satanic temple's seven-foot-tall statue of Baphomet, complete with beatific children gazing lovingly, is just about ready to take its place on the Oklahoma statehouse lawn. It will be joined with the monument of the Bible's Ten Commandments along with the monument of the Atheist Ten Commandments. The New York-based Satanic Temple applied for permission to place a monument of its own on the capitol grounds on the basis that government must treat all religions equally.

It may sound like a silly idea to some but the Temple went to Indiegogo for funding. It seems there are plenty of people supporting the statue as $28,000 was raised, surpassing their goal by $8,000. Oklahoma may be taking steps to shutting down the effort by suspending permit approval, the satanists are still building the monument.

Satanic Monument 1

In another article by Vice, they report details of how the satanic statue of Baphomet would be constructed. The character of Baphomet would be sitting beneath an inverted pentagram while being flanked by two children - a boy and a girl - gazing up in loyalty. When it is finished, it will be cast in bronze. As for why the statue was made in the first place, it is a response to the Ten Commandments being reinstated outside the Capitol in 2012 when Mike Ritze paid for it with his own money. Oklahoma considered it a donation thus making it okay to place it on government grounds. The satanist took that as a sign in which they will be donating a satanic statue of their own.

From what you have read, we want to know your opinions about the Baphomet statue being proposed for the capitol grounds. Should the satanists have their own monument on display just like the Christians and atheists or is the satanic group just going too far? Let us know in the comments below.

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