Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe Stars In Horns

Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, stars in Horns, with an upcoming movie release in the US on October 31, 2014. The UK debut of the fim has shown Radcliffe in a more mature role than this Harry Potter character. Radcliffe portrays a darker role and K Dramastars reports him to be a “badass devil.” Inquisitr describes the movie as a “supernatural thriller” that sees the Harry Potter actor showcase his darker acting talents. The movie release comes out just in time to celebrate Halloween this October with a great horror film.

Directed by Alexandre Aja, the movie’s plot consists of Radcliffe in the role of Ig Perrish. His girlfriend was murdered and he finds himself with horns on his head a year later. Cinema Blend reports that the horns give him special powers to coax others into confessions. The plot grows into the story of how he uses this unique talent to solve his girlfriend’s death. While Daniel Radcliffe is still following a magical path in Horns, it’s clear that this is no Harry Potter film!

Daniel Radcliffe has already made statements about his desire to pursue mature roles that give audiences more than his star role as Harry Potter, the cute wizard boy from the famous books by J.K. Rowling. The Belfast Telegraph offers some insight into Radcliffe’s career goals, “It’s not part of my make-up to just lie around and rest. It’s not really a chip on my shoulder — or maybe it is. It might be a bit, but it’s no bad thing. It’s not like I’m a chippy person. It’s a motivating force. I know that I fell into the best job in the world when I was 10 or 11, so I know there are always going to be a certain amount of people who say I don’t deserve to be there. And so I want to prove them wrong in every aspect of what I do, from a costume fitting to how I am on set to doing an interview with you. And I like that.” The actor, now 25, has enjoyed a healthy career in Hollywood for over 15 years.

Inquisitr adds that the Harry Potter actor has explored several projects outside of his defining role. Not just by filming darker movie roles, Radcliffe has also experimented in theatrical productions and stage projects. This has made Radcliffe one of the “most refreshingly candid actors out there.” With the US release of the Horns movie, Radcliffe is sure to please audiences and show the diverse side of his dramatic skills.

Written by Joe Hill, the horror movie Horns is being distributed by Dimension Films and Radius-TWC, according to Inquisitr. The movie is also reported to be a high-paying gig for Radcliffe. If the movie trailer for Horns is any indication that Radcliffe is all grown up, it is clear he has left his Harry Potter days behind him.

(Image courtesy of US Magazine.)