New Haven Man Fatally Shot On His Birthday, You Won’t Believe Where

A New Haven man was fatally shot on his birthday today. The stray bullet hit him in the most surprising location.

While shootings are unfortunately a regular staple of the news these days, it’s usually the circumstances that make some occurrences stand out. Harris and Klebold pulled off one of the most infamous school shootings in history, killing themselves in the end. James Holmes shot a bunch of moviegoers who had been settled in to watch The Dark Knight Rises. Another shooting happened at a naval yard in Washington, D.C., resulting in military lives lost. One of the most famous due to its implications was when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin.

One of the most recent shootings happened in Ferguson, Missouri, resulting in a midnight to 5AM curfew.

In New Haven, Connecticut, a shooting began just before 2AM as 61 year old Darryl McNair was sitting in his basement office playing a game of Solitaire. While it was most likely not intentional, the New Haven man is the latest known victim of a shooting. It was the circumstances which made it strange.

The layout of McNair’s basement is unknown, but somehow a stray bullet found the man fatally shot in what sounds like a rather well enclosed space. There may have been an outside entrance if the bullet wasn’t a ricochet.

McNair’s family and friends had been at the house celebrating his 61st birthday when they heard gunshots ring out near the intersection of Valley Street and Strong. At this time they had heard him call out, “I’m hit.” Family members ran into the room and found him on the ground, a bullet wound in his back.


At around 1:50AM, police received a 911 call from McNair’s wife informing them that he had been shot. McNair was shortly taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police are still investigating the disturbance which led to the man being fatally shot. Valley Street near Darryl McNair’s home has been closed off as the investigation continues.

The victims of shootings aren’t always intentional, and you never know where a stray bullet will hit. The family and friends of this New Haven man know that better than most.

[image via Fox]