Hamas Airport In Gaza Would Be A ‘Duty Free Of Rockets,’ Says Israel’s Security Minister

Israel and the Palestinians, who are currently engaged in ceasefire talks, are reportedly finding it difficult to agree on any terms during their indirect negotiations with Hamas in Cairo.

One of the main sticking points is the Hamas terrorist group’s demands to be allowed to build a seaport and airport, in their words, to offer “more freedom for the Palestinian people who are stuck in Gaza.”

But Israel and the west knows that any type of port of this nature, controlled by terrorists whose charter calls for the destruction of the state of Israel and its inhabitants, would be nothing more than a way to import weapons to use in its armed struggle against the Jewish State.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened Sunday morning’s cabinet meeting by emphasizing the fact that Israel would not accept any ceasefire deal which compromised its security: “Only if there is a clear answer to Israel’s security needs, only then will we agree to reach an understanding,” Netanyahu insisted to his cabinet.

Moreover, the Israeli Prime Minister added that he didn’t intend for Hamas to garner any political achievements, to compensate for the failure of its military goals. Netanyahu added:

“If Hamas thinks it will make up for its military losses with a political achievement, it is wrong. If Hamas thinks that by continuing the steady trickle of rocket fire it will force us to make concessions, it is wrong. As long as there is no quiet, Hamas will continue to suffer heavy blows. Hamas knows we have a lot of power but maybe it thinks we don’t have enough determination and patience, and even there it is wrong, it is making a big mistake.”

On the other side, the AFP reported that a Hamas spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, reiterated the group’s insistence that it would not back down from its demands, and insisted that the outcome of the talks was in Israel’s hands:


“We are committed to achieving the Palestinian demands and there is no way back from this. All these demands are basic human rights that do not need this battle or these negotiations. The ball is in the Israeli occupation’s court.”


Israel Security Minister, Yitzhak Aharonovich, said that a seaport or airport was totally out of the question until the Palestinians can stop with the hate and violence, both against Israel and internally, and elect leaders who aren’t bent on death and destruction. They would also have to satisfy the requirements that could remove them from being classified as a terror organisation.

Aharonvitch said about the prospect of a Hamas airport in Gaza: “It will be a ‘Duty Free’ for rockets.”