Dogs Attack Two Boys And Their Mother, Police Forced To Open Fire

Two dogs attack two young boys and their mother in a backyard located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. News Channel 10 reports that the mother was trying to shield the children, but all three were all injured.

Officers responded to a call Saturday morning and heard a woman screaming in the backyard. She was trying desperately to keep the dogs from hurting her sons, but they wouldn’t stop. The police department reveal that a 2-year-old boy was flown to a hospital and his mother by ambulance. They had substantial injuries, but the 8-year-old sustained a minor wound

As the dog attack happened, police tried distracting the dogs. Eyewitness News 4 reports that the cops were forced to open fire, killing the dogs.

No other details have been released about the incident, such as the identity of the mother and her children, or what breed of dogs attacked them.

Michelle Petty lives in the neighborhood where the mom and her two children were attacked. She was stunned by the drama she noticed Saturday afternoon.

“I hope they’re okay and I just think it’s a freak accident. I don’t know what happened, what would possess the dogs to attack them. I haven’t seen anything vicious around here,” Petty says.

Meredith Beaton, a witness to seeing the commotion as well.

“I’m shocked because it’s very quiet,” Beaton says. “I was coming up the street and I saw police cars. I didn’t see one car, it must have been 12.”

No details surrounding the dogs are currently available. Usually after dogs attack people, animal control gets custody of the animals and they’re eventually euthanized.


It’s also unknown if the dogs were strangers to the mom and her sons — or if they owned them as family pets.

A lot of instances have revolved around family pets turning on people. Not too long ago, a father was dropped off at work while his sister drove his two kids back to her place. When she got back home, the two dogs went outside with one of the children like they routinely did. For some reason, the dogs flipped a switch, mauling and killing the boy.

A few weeks before that, a dog attacked and killed a grandmother. She, too, lived with the dogs for a long time before the tragedy happened.

It’s never reassuring to hear that family dogs attack people they’ve lived with. In this particular story, police aren’t ready to say if the mom and two boys lived with the dogs that mauled them.

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