CM Punk Arrested? Twitter Spreads Crazy WWE Rumor About Phil Brooks And AJ Lee

Was CM Punk arrested? Twitter is going a little crazy by creating this WWE rumor that has everyone trolling each other. But what are Phil Brooks, aka CM Punk, and AJ Lee actually up to nowadays?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, CM Punk took part in the YouTube ice bucket challenge in order to raise awareness for ALS research, which means we now have a video of AJ Lee dumping cold water all over him. That's not crazy this time, it's for charity!

If you head over to Twitter right now and type in "CM Punk," the system will automatically make suggestions like "CM Punk WWE" or "CM Punk WWE 2k15," with the latter referring to how Punk has a massive role as a video game character in WWE 2K15. That's all pretty normal, but Twitter also automatically suggests the phrase "CM Punk arrested" as of right now.

Why Twitter is doing this we don't really know, but as so far there have been no public reports of Brooks committing a crime or getting arrested. Last we heard, CM Punk and AJ Lee were wrapping up their honeymoon in Hawaii since she's facing Paige at SummerSlam 2014. The rumor mill can be quite crazy, though, with some claiming AJ Lee pregnant already. As a WWE character, Lee is crazy, but it seems extremely doubtful she'd risk wrestling while knowingly being pregnant, so we can safely nix that rumor.

Regardless, Twitter users are using the search phrase "CM Punk arrested" as an opportunity to troll WWE fans. For example:

Otherwise, what everyone really wants to know about is CM Punk's WWE return. It's claimed that Punk has zero plans to wrestle for anyone, whether it be Ring Of Honor, TNA, or Japan Pro Wrestling. So far the only thing we do know about CM Punk's future is what Paul Heyman is willing to discuss:
"Heyman said Punk believes if he comes back, he will be a failure. Heyman also thinks that Punk feels his success in life is predicated on never going back. Heyman also noted that he believes WWE doesn't want Punk back ever again. Of course there's always the chance that something happens down the road and Heyman pointed this out."
There's also rumors about a lawsuit and a court date since technically Phil broke his WWE contract when he stalked out after Royal Rumble.

Heyman has also been going around promoting his new DVD, and he was asked by Complex whether Punk had talked to the manager recently and whether they have a "no wrestling policy" when talking. His response could be summarized as mind your own business:

"It would be very uncomfortable to describe to anyone any personal conversations I have with anybody. It would be akin to me saying, 'So what did you and your wife talk about at the dinner table last night?' Or, 'Hey, I heard you went to the baseball game with your best friend, what was he talking to you about?' The answer is, to the entire world, none of your business. Whether Punk and I have a 'no-wrestling policy' or a 'no-music policy' or a 'no-religion policy,' that's between us. And since we're not marketing anything in public together, I'm hesitant in describing anything regarding a conversation I would have with—whether it's CM Punk, or any other friend of mine."
Do you think CM Punk's WWE return will ever happen down the road? Will AJ Lee win today at SummerSlam 2014?