WWE: John Cena Vs. Hulk Hogan A ‘Dream Match’ Or A Nightmare?

The prospect of the WWE allowing a Hulk Hogan Vs. John Cena may have Hogan calling it his “dream match,” but would it be just a nightmare for WWE fans?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when Hulk celebrated his 61st birthday, it’s claimed Ric Flair snubbed the other wrestling legend, and now he and Steve Austin are debating who is the biggest WWE star. Hulk is also betting the farm that Brock Lesnar Vs. John Cena will result in a babyface win.

At this point, that statement would almost make Hulk a Cena fanboy since practically everyone is predicting a Lesnar win at SummerSlam 2014. The feeling might even go both ways since Cena was spotted wearing a red and yellow T-shirt at Monday Night RAW, which has Hogan saying, “Don’t get me started.” But in his heart of hearts, John Cena Vs. Hulk Hogan is the real desire:

“If I had to wrestle anyone right now on the current roster, it would be John Cena. That would be a dream match for me.”

Every WWE fan knows the story about Hogan’s back injuries at this point. In 2010, Hulk did a leg drop straight into the hospital due to aggravating those old wrestling injuries and ripping a back muscle… because he was collecting seashells on the beach! But Hogan told Yahoo Sports he could handle a WWE match after having all those surgeries:

“Well, things have straightened out really well for me after nine back surgeries. Doctor would say in four months you will feel OK or six months you will feel OK … well that’s not true. After these back surgeries, it takes your body awhile to regroup, especially when you’re 60 years young. It’s not like you’re 21. So, the back is cool.”

It sounds like that “dream match” with Cena may take a while based upon that comment. The WWE would not want an old star to fizzle out in the ring if he’s not up to the task. Hogan has already admitted he can’t handle doing some of his signature moves that caused the back problems in the first place. If Cena was allowed to lay hands on the older man, you would presume the match would be a wee bit more choreographed than usual, which would please practically no one.

Regardless, Hogan does recognize that this WWE run is probably hist last:

“Yeah, this is the period at the end of the sentence. This is where I need to be. Vince McMahon and I have always been good friends. On a personal level he would do anything for me, for you, for anyone he loves. He would give you the shirt off his back. On a business level? He’s a different animal. Cut and dry. Black and white. Sometimes I would wobble between the lines and mix up business and personal. If anyone kind of defected over the years, it was me. So for me to be back with him — I did start with his dad in the late ’70s, Vince McMahon Sr. — and for me to come full circle and Vince and everybody to be gracious enough to let me end my career where I started my home in the WWE is really a great way to wind things up and just put a period at the end of the sentence. I’m really glad to be back.”

The question is whether this period will include a real match or just PR work. Based upon the comments section of The Inquisitr, many fans just want the “dinosaurs” of wrestling to go extinct. An informal poll about a Hulk Hogan WWE match had two-thirds of the votes saying Hulkamania needs to come to an end, while only 33 percent thought Hogan’s WWE return could work out.

Do you think a John Cena Vs. Hulk Hogan match is a good idea?