Anthony Weiner’s Seat Handed Over To GOP

The seat once held by Rep. Anthony Weiner has been handed over to the GOP after a special election.

The GOP is spinning the win as a “No” to Obama’s economic policy after novice Bob Turner easily defeated Democratic state Assemblyman David Weprin in an election many residents didn’t even know was occurring.

It’s the first time a Republican has won the Democratic 9th congressional district which spans from Queens through Brooklyn.

Having family and friends in New York State the sentiment seemed to be the same following the vote, confusion about the election and questions as to why the seat couldn’t be filled on the November ballot which would have reached a broader spectrum of the political landscape.

A Democratic media consultant played down the win, telling the Atlantic:

“If they’d let Anthony Weiner “—hounded from office for tweeting lewd photos of himself—”go to rehab and then reapportioned the district out of existence, they’d have saved everybody a million dollars.”

Regardless of the outcome it means very little in terms of actual policy shifts by residents of New York and instead serves as a reminder that the general population doesn’t control election results with access to voting for everyone, at least not anymore than “job creators” have created jobs over the last three years.