Islamic State Terrorists Slaughter 700 Sheitat Civilians In Syria, World Outrage Presumably To Follow

Islamic State terrorists in Syria are doing what they do best and have reportedly executed 700 Sheitat civilians over the last two weeks, as reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights group on Saturday.

The killings took place in eastern Syria where Sheitat tribesman have been fighting against Islamic State terrorists, formerly known as ISIS; some of the dead were woman and children.

The shocking killing spree, which has been wholly ignored by most western media sources, spread across a number of villages in the Deir Ezzor province, where the al-Sheitat tribe lived.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights group, which is the only group reporting on the genocide and ethnic cleansing taking place in Syria, said on Saturday, “The silence of the international community is unbelievable. There is no excuse for them to keep a blind eye on what is happening in Syria.”

One is left wondering why western media outlets aren’t reporting these horrific massacres in Syria and Iraq at the hands of ISIS, while never failing to miss a dramatic blood-filled story when Israel accidentally kill a Palestinian civilian.

Indeed, over the whole campaign to stop the Hamas terror rockets from the Gaza strip, less than 2,000 Palestinians were killed in a month, and at least half of those were Hamas fighters. But the world media, as well as the U.N., cried from the hilltops about alleged Israeli war crimes and even genocide.

So why is the world so quiet about the more than 170,000 people killed in Syria over the last few years?

Al Jazeera reported today that, according to the Observatory, many of the victims in the last two weeks were beheaded after they were captured by the Islamic State, a fate most non-Muslims face if caught by ISIS.

Only 100 fighters from the Sheitat were killed while the rest were civilians. No doubt an immediate U.N resolution will be forthcoming in the next few hours — or not.


The opposition Syrian National Council called on the United States and its allies to conduct air strikes within Syria against the Islamic State group, like it has done in Iraq. In a press conference held in Turkey, the head of the SNC, Hadi al-Bahra, accused the international community of double-standards, and he certainly got that right.

“The silence of the international community is unbelievable. There is no excuse for them to keep a blind eye on what is happening in Syria. We have reports supported by documents and videos that crimes in Deir Ezzor against humanity are being committed by IS on a daily basis.”

A number of horrific videos have surfaced online of ISIS terrorists beheading Sheitat while laughing and mocking them and making them perform like goats while being beheaded.

Hopefully the world, but especially Europe, will wake up soon to the reality of what ISIS is and what it is capable of, as has been proven time and time again.

If only the world showed as much outrage with stories, confirmed by authenticated video footage, of ISIS beheading people as it does when a Palestinian is accidentally killed by an Israeli retaliatory missile. We can but hope the world’s conscience will wake up soon — but we’re not holding our breath!