Palestinians In Gaza Have Had Enough Of Hamas, Call For New Leadership

Addam Corré

Following the latest round of fighting between Israel and the Hamas terrorists of the Gaza Strip, some Palestinians have reportedly had enough of the oppression, and of being used as human shields by Hamas.

As the dust settles and the two sides undertake ceasefire talks in Cairo, stories are now emerging from Gaza suggesting that residents there are sick and tired of being manipulated and used for political goals and are speaking out about it.

The Chronicle Herald reported that Ziad Rizk, a 37-year-old father of two, told reporters, "We do not want to be bombarded every two or three years. We want to lead a good life: Sleep well, drink well and eat well."

His sentiments are apparently shared by many Palestinians who have had enough of the death and destruction that Hamas causes in the region.

As an example of Hamas' dwindling support in the strip, at a rally last week only 2,000 to 3,000 people showed up in support of the terrorist group, which is way down on the numbers these Hamas rallies usually attract.

Hamas has ruled with an iron fist since it took over Gaza, expelling the Western-backed Palestinian Authority. There is no tolerance whatsoever for dissent and critics of the regime are detained and frequently executed.

In almost every square and major intersection in Gaza City, giant billboards extoll the battlefield valor of Hamas fighters, their quest for martyrdom, and their locally manufactured rockets. Al-Aqsa television, the organization's 24-hour news channel, tirelessly airs Hamas propaganda and reports news with a Hamas-friendly slant.


The Times of Israel reported on another Gaza resident, Loay Kafarnah. The taxi driver, who lost his apartment in the shelling, also spoke out against Hamas:

"I respect the resistance. The fighters may be spending the night out there in open space facing the enemy while I have the comfort and satisfaction of being with my family. But we also want to live. How can we have a war every two or three years? Is that a life?"

Both of the Palestinians who spoke to The Associated Press, as well as many others, are finally coming to understand that terror doesn't pay, and that Israel wants peace with them personally, if not with the terrorists of Hamas who fire rockets at the Jewish State.