Malaysia Airlines’ Chief Steward Accused Of Sexual Assault By Nervous Passenger

Malaysia Airlines has encountered one disaster after another in the last year, and there is good reason why the company is planning to change its name as soon as possible.

This time round, the airline finds itself in a spot of bother over sexual assault allegations leveled against a male crew member by an Australian passenger. The cabin crew member concerned has been detained by French police for questioning.

Malaysia Airlines released an official statement on Thursday, soon after the arrest of their staff member. “Malaysia Airlines expects and accepts nothing short of the highest standards of conduct from its crew and takes any such allegations very seriously,” it said.

The allegations of “inappropriate sexual behaviour” on flight MH20 from Kuala Lumpur on an August 4 flight came to light after the incident was officially reported to authorities.

Apparently the passenger, who was a nervous flyer, was even more nervous due to the fact she was flying on a Malaysia Airlines flight. When the chief steward on board sat next to her to comfort her, the sexual assault took place, according to the flyer.


Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared in March with 239 people aboard, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. No trace has been found, and the airline was widely criticized for its handling of the crisis. All the passengers on that flight tragically lost their lives.

On top of that disaster, just a few months later, on July 17, flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine, which killed all 298 people on board. No wonder the airline is on the brink of financial ruin as a result of its recent spate of bad luck.

It remains to be seen whether or not any sexual misconduct took place on the Malaysia Airlines flight on August 4 as French authorities carry out a full police investigation into the allegations.