Chicago Bears Player From Ferguson: ‘I Get Pulled Over Just Because’

As the drama in Ferguson, Missouri, continues to unfold, a football player who grew up near Ferguson revealed that before the Michael Brown killing, citizens feared the law enforcement.

According to a report from The MMQB, Chicago Bears defensive end David Bass grew up in University City, Missouri, which is six miles from Ferguson. Bass noted that “St. Louis isn’t that big,” and people who live in the community usually just refer to Ferguson as St. Louis.

“As a community, Ferguson isn’t a bad place to grow up. It’s not the east side, with the gang violence and the killing.”

Bass added that Ferguson and surrounding areas were once “all white.”

“But blacks from all over town started moving out of poorer neighborhoods into north county areas like Ferguson. There’s a lot of diversity now, with white and black people living side by side.”

But the police in Ferguson and surrounding areas “stayed white,” he added.

Growing up near Ferguson, Bass recalled that police were “hated” before the whole Michael Brown incident. He even mentioned how, when he visits his hometown, police will harass him.

“When I go home, I get pulled over just because. They’ll say, ‘We’re doing random checks,’ which is against the law. Or they say there was a theft, and the getaway car was my black Durango.”

Bass first heard about the Ferguson story on his Instagram feed, and saw images and videos of places being robbed and friends getting arrested. But he mentioned that he “can’t justify Michael Brown’s actions,” since he doesn’t know anything about the kid before he was shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

“But I know that police cannot shoot unarmed men, and the reason you have the violent reaction from the community is the violent, aggressive, and disrespectful way policing is done in the St. Louis area.”

Bass noted that he is “all for the peaceful demonstrations” taking place in Ferguson, but he doesn’t agree with the looting.

“They’re robbing people like it’s a way out in this time of crisis, but it’s really a sign of weakness and impatience and for a lot of people, it justifies the way we’re being harassed and profiled.”

Bass noted that he is uncertain when the riots in Ferguson will stop.

“As far as I can see, there’s no end to it.”

Protests are still taking place in Ferguson, and many have been updating via Twitter. One of those is St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Robert Cohen, who documented last night’s protests in Ferguson.


Others have posted their opinions on the Ferguson story:

In a related report from The Inquisitr, Ferguson police released footage that they claim is that of Michael Brown stealing a box of cigars. But some Twitter users took a closer look and saw that the time stamp says the footage that the Ferguson police released is from June, not August.

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