Christy Mack Twitter Photos Help Raise Awareness For Victims Of Domestic Violence

One silver lining that may come from the brutal beating of Christy Mack at the hands of her MMA-ex War Machine is that by posting graphic pictures of her injuries to Twitter, the porn star is in-turn helping victims of domestic abuse face their own ordeal.

According to Time magazine, social media is becoming key in shedding light on domestic violence. It’s also a way for victims to come forward who would otherwise stay silent if abuse at the hands of their spouse or lover is involved:

“Social media—and Twitter especially—are becoming a platform to bring to light issues that have long been kept under wraps. Women and men previously ashamed to tell their stories of domestic violence or rape have used social media to share what happened to them with other survivors or shame their perpetrators.”

[Warning: Graphic images and descriptions of violence below ]

Porn star Christy Mack posted pictures of herself along with a much detailed account regarding the incident on Monday, a day after her encounter with War Machine:

Mack’s account includes the nauseating list of injuries suffered at the hands of War Machine that included “18 broken bones around my eyes, my nose is broken in 2 places… missing teeth and several more broken.” And while Christy is getting help from a number of different sources, the trauma surrounding the incident is still very much on people’s minds, especially those who have suffered similar, but far less scrutinized, accounts.

Porn star Mary Carey told The Daily Beast that she hopes the Christy Mack incident “raises awareness and makes girls in abusive relationships realize they need to get out because they don’t want something like this to happen to them.”

In an odd twist, War Machine also took to Twitter following the attacks to defend himself:


War Machine has since been taken into police custody on suspicion of domestic battery, lewdness, strangulation, assault, and coercion with regard to Christy Mack’s injuries.

[Christy Mack image courtesy of Wikipedia]