How Tina Seals Could Get Rights To Blue Ivy And Why Beyonce And Jay Z Shouldn't Be Worried

Tina Seals wants custody of Blue Ivy, and there is one way that she could get her hands on the toddler. However, Beyonce and Jay Z probably don't have to worry about losing their daughter.

Hollywood Life consulted an expert about Tina Seals' bizarre suit against Beyonce and Jay Z. In the suit, Seals claims she carried and gave birth to Blue Ivy. Now Tina wants custody of Blue.

Matrimonial Family Expert Leslie Barbara talked to Hollywood Life about the possibility of a surrogate gaining custody of the child she carried. In this case, Tina Seals is certainly not going to win her suit -- even if it didn't get thrown out, medical records exist proving that Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy. However, there are circumstances where a surrogate could successfully sue for some rights. Here's what Barbara said:

"It is entirely possible that a surrogate could come in and have some rights to a child. Even if rights were relinquished in a contract."

In the state of New York, paid surrogacy is illegal, but unpaid surrogacy is not. If Tina Seals could prove that Beyonce and Jay Z paid her to be their surrogate, she might have a legitimate case. According to Business Insider, New York instituted the ban on paid surrogacy in 1992 after a woman named Mary Beth Whitehead agreed to be a surrogate for William and Elizabeth Stern. After being artificially inseminated with William Stern's sperm, Whitehead refused to sign away her parental rights. A high-profile legal battle ensued, and custody was granted to Stern. However, Whitehead won her parental rights, which gave her visitation rights.

So if Tina Seals could prove that she is Blue Ivy's biological mother and that she was a surrogate for Beyonce and Jay Z, she could score visitation rights. However, it should be obvious that Seals is just making this surrogacy story up. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Tina has also claimed that she's the biological mother of North West, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby girl. Tina Seals has a long history of making bogus maternity claims in court, and these suits always seem to involve celebrities.

So why haven't Tina Seals' past maternity claims received the same amount of attention as her Blue Ivy suit?

This is likely because there was a time when many people believed that Beyonce was faking her pregnancy. As TMZ reported in 2011, the internet went wild over a video showing a pregnant Beyonce sitting down in a chair. Conspiracy theorists claimed that her baby bump appeared to collapse inward and that she was wearing a prosthetic. However, evidence already existed proving that her bump was the real deal -- she was photographed showing it off while wearing a bikini.

What do you think of Tina Seals' claims?

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