Sneak Peek at Han Solo's New Wardrobe In 'Star Wars Episode XII'


Just the mention of the title Star Wars can send fans in a tizzy. True diehard Star Wars fans are counting the days until the release of J.J. Abram's Star Wars Episode VII in December of 2015. Until that time, we will have to just take the little tidbits of information we can get our hands on to get us by, albeit rumor or not.

The latest bit of information is a sneak peek at illustrations from Indie Revolver that appear to be part of the wardrobe for Han Solo, played by none other than the 72-year-old hunky Harrison Ford. Yes! He is 72!!!

So, if you are a Star Wars fan and a Harrison Ford-Han Solo fan, today is your lucky day! According to Uproxx, at first glance we have a "classic, almost Jedi-esque outfit." Unlike some of the stormtrooper designs that have leaked, the Han Solo designs seem "much more in line with the original films," according to MovieFone.

First is the rugged look with the long duster, with Han Solo holding a blaster. The duster is a nice trade off for the vest he wore in the original trilogy. A great new look, yet still carrying through with the character's style.

Han Solo

The second costume appears to be for a much colder atmosphere, possibly Hoth, but that remains to be seen.

Han Solo Outfit

One thing that is easy to see is that Harrison Ford is still a favorite among his fans, and Hollywood in general. Take a look at his classy style as he walks the red carpet for the premiere of his newest movie The Expendables 3 which releases this weekend.

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