Real Life Purge Threat In Louisville, KY Taken Seriously, Leaked FBI Memo Says Gangs Planned Prior Attacks

Patrick Frye

The threat of a real life "purge" occurring in Louisville, Kentucky, tonight is being very seriously by police departments in the area, who claim that a leaked FBI memo indicated that unfulfilled plans for attacking major events earlier in the year were coordinated by gangs.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the idea behind a real life purge started when a photo using the description "Louisville's the Purge" spread like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter. Rumors even began claiming that a Detroit purge may be in the works in addition to a Louisville purge.

The idea behind The Purge movie is that the government sanctions any crime or violence during a 12-hour period once a year in order to allow citizens to "purge" themselves of any pent-up feelings that could lead to crime. In this case, the threats of random violence are hardly sanctioned by any government, and police are going to take the threat seriously even if it is just a joke being spread on social media.

Louisville Metro Police Department Sergeant and spokesman Phil Russell claims the Louisville purge will have cops ready for anything:

"A number of people have reached out to us. We're going to take any threat that we receive seriously, particularly one that encourages and incites violence against our community," Russell said. "We're going to take that seriously and investigate that as thoroughly as we can. As a department, I believe that we're adequately prepared for anything that could arise."

Police are hoping the threat of a real life purge in Louisville, Kentucky, will be similar to events earlier this summer. A leaked FBI memo indicated a gang planned random attack for Thunder Over Louisville and the Pegasus Parade, but fortunately nothing major happened. Police are hoping this new Louisville purge will be the same since there are several big events coming up this weekend.