Lisa Marie Presley: Lawsuit Claims She Is Not The Real And Only Daughter Of Elvis

Lisa Marie Presley was switched at birth to protect the identity of Elvis Presley's real daughter, a Swedish woman claims.

Lisa Johansen told the National Enquirer that she was the victim of a child switch and deserves $300 million against the Presley estate. She originally filed a lawsuit in 2011 for libel and emotional damages and named Elvis's ex-wife, Priscilla Presley, as her mother and a defendant.

Lisa Johansen
Lisa Johansen claims to be the real Lisa Marie Presley.

Lisa Johansen alleges that Lisa Marie Presley took her place for security reasons after Elvis died on August 16, 1977. She claims that Priscilla took her to Scandinavia and left her there while Lisa Marie continued her life as the child of Elvis Presley.

Johansen currently works as an attorney, is married, and has four children, according to Newsmax.

It is claimed that Johansen is also in legal cahoots with the publisher of her book, I Lisa Marie: The True Story of Elvis Presley's Real Daughter. The publisher reportedly wants Lisa Johansen to take a DNA test to prove that she is the offspring of Elvis, but she has refused to submit to the test. The publisher already paid her $200,000 for the book.

Radar Online reported that Johansen claims she was born on February 1, 1968 to Elvis and Priscilla, and she was robbed of the life she deserves as the rock legend's true daughter.

Lisa Johansen claims that she has memories of her childhood as the real Lisa Marie Presley when she was still living with Elvis and Priscilla. She claims that Elvis treated her like a princess and he was very much the king in the household.

An insider to the bizarre situation reportedly told The National Enquirer, "Elvis could be spinning in his grave if his REAL only child is being kept from the life she deserves."

While skeptics may claim that Lisa Johansen does not look like Elvis as much as Lisa Marie Presley looks like the late rock icon, Johansen insists that she is indeed Elvis and Priscilla's true daughter and Lisa Marie Presley is simply an impostor. Some claim that Lisa Johansen looks a great deal like Elvis and even Lisa Marie Presley.

However, this is not the first strange incident in which Lisa Johansen seemingly reached out to the Presley family, or at least the Presley estate.

ABC News reported in 2011 that Johansen tricked the staff at Graceland into giving her access to restricted areas.

Attorney Marty Singer, on behalf of Graceland, wrote that Johansen "fled when a security alarm rang" and that "she was later seen on surveillance video after removing items from the property."

Unsurprisingly, Presley's lawyers have refuted Johansen's claims to be the real Lisa Marie Presley.