Point Break Remake On The Way, Really Has Nothing To Do With The Original

There appears to be a new theme in Hollywood, remake Patrick Swayze films as much as possible. Okay maybe it’s not that drastic but Warner Bros. is taking a que from Dirty Dancing and remaking another one of the actor’s films, this time Point Break which also originally featured Keanu Reeves and Gary Busey.

In the original movie Keanu Reeves plays FBI agent Johnny Utah who works with his partner Angelo Pappas (Busey) to take down a team of bank robbers who dress as the “Ex-Presidents” of the United States. Utah is sent undercover to spy on the gang of surf loving robbers when he befriends gang leader Bodhi (Swayze) and eventually takes to the surfing lifestyle.

Warner Bros. was planning a remake until Swayze died of pancreatic cancer in 2009 and now the project, being helmed by Alcon Entertainment is moving forward.

According to the studio:

“The new version is set in the world of international extreme sports, and like the original involves an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a criminal ring.”

Sorry Alcon and Warner Bros. it’s not a remake of Point Break without the “break” and you can’t have that without the surfing.

We’ll probably have a while to wait before the movie actually reaches theaters, in the meantime here’s the trailer for 1991’s Point Break:

Does this movie sound like Point Break to you or just a lame attempt to rip off the following of the movie to draw people into something different?