Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Named In Michael Brown Shooting

Tara Dodrill

The Ferguson police officer involved in the Michael Brown shooting is Darren Wilson. The officer has been on the force for six years and has not had any disciplinary charges filed against him. The police chief of the Missouri town, which has been embroiled in riots and looting for five days, announced the name of the officer involved with the shooting during a Friday morning press conference and did not take any questions.

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson scheduled the officer name release press conference for 9 am, but the event was delayed for more than half-an-hour for unknown reasons. The police chief also stated that an afternoon press conference where questions may be taken is also tentatively scheduled for later today. Officer Darren Wilson was treated for injuries at a local hospital following the Michael Brown shooting. Details of those injuries were not disclosed, but earlier reports indicate that the Ferguson police officer sustained injuries to his face by Michael Brown.

— Jim Roberts (@nycjim) August 15, 2014

After Missouri Governor Jay Nixon placed the state highway patrol in charge of security in Ferguson, riots and looting came to a swift end. Approximately 10 arrests in the area of the Michael Brown shooting occurred Thursday evening, but the local police department says the rioting incidents had dropped drastically.

Both the ACLU and the NAACP have been calling for the release of the name of the officer involved in the Michael Brown shooting for several days. The social media group Anonymous previously released a name which was reportedly incorrect, and may have led to death threats against the Ferguson police officer and his family.

Michael Brown shooting witnesses in Ferguson maintain that the teenager was unarmed when officer Darren Wilson shot him, and had his hands raised in the air in a position of surrender. The Ferguson police department has not yet confirmed whether a gun was found on or near Brown, or the position of his hands prior to the fatal shots being fired by. The #HandsUpDontShoot hashtag went viral on Twitter.

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