Head Of Hamas' Foreign Relations Division Admits Western Journalists Were 'Harassed' And 'Deported' From Gaza

In a remarkable development, Isra al-Mudallal, Hamas' head of foreign relations at the Hamas Information Ministry in Gaza, admitted in an interview with Lebanese TV that western reporters covering the recent war in Gaza were harassed, interrogated, and even deported if they failed to broadcast the terrorists narrative properly.

In a moment of extreme candor, al-Mudallal told Mayadeen TV, a station in Lebanon, that foreign reporters who had dared to report the truth about the recent conflict in which Hamas attacked Israel with thousands of short and long-range missiles, were subject to long interrogation, threats of violence, and even deportation.

The Washington Free Beacon reported, for example, that in the interview, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, the Hamas representative said that journalists who attempted to film Hamas operatives firing rockets from populated areas, including schools and mosques in the Gaza Strip, were "collaborating with the occupation" (Israel).

In other words, the head of Hamas's foreign relations division admitted, in a live interview, that Hamas manipulated western media outlets by not allowing them to film the source of the Hamas rocket barrages on Israel.

According to al-Mudallal, the western media, which Hamas views with extreme contempt anyway, were too far into the notion of peace, a notion not particularly prevalent in the totalitarian ideology of Hamas which openly call for Muslims to intentionally kill Jews wherever they find them.

The reality of what this kind of media control and manipulation can do to shape public opinion is apparent from the 436 percent rise in hate crimes against Jews in Europe over the last few months.

As the western media panders to the terrorists of Hamas, allowing their narrative to be falsely portrayed while not being allowed to film rocket launches from Gaza population centers, Israel comes off looking like the bad guy.


Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported that an Italian journalist was tragically killed along with four other locals in Gaza when Hamas recklessly allowed people to stand too close to an Israeli missile deactivation that went horribly wrong.

The Jerusalem Post reported today that the Foreign Press Association finally woke up from their stupor earlier in the week and protested the unacceptable behavior against its reporters and journalists by Hamas in Gaza. But, sadly, the damage is already done, as a small group of genocidal terrorists manipulate the opinions of millions of people and use the western media to do it.

If you are interested in understanding the truth about Hamas' modus operandi, you can watch the interview with al-Mudallal on MEMRI, translated into English, by clicking HERE.

Al-Mudallal isn't the only Palestinian representative to speak candidly to reporters recently.

Her counterpart, Ibrahim Khraishi, Palestine's U.N. Human Rights Council Ambassador, also admitted in an interview that if anyone was perpetrating war crimes during the recent conflict in Gaza it was Hamas, which fired rockets indiscriminately against Israel while simultaneously hiding among Palestinian civilians and using them as human shields.

You can hear Ambassador Khraishi's candid comments below: