Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in indie thriller ‘Captivity’

Some were starting to question whether or not Arnold Schwarzenegger would be able to successfully return to Hollywood after he made an announcement earlier this year of a comeback. Apparently no one told Schwarzenegger, because he’s just secured his second film in under a few days.

According to an exclusive report from Deadline, Schwarzenegger is set to star in the indie flick Captivity. He’ll reportedly take on the role of an American real estate magnate who finds himself kidnapped and held for ransom. While Schwarzenegger’s character desperately attempts to escape from his cell, a detective specializing in kidnapping cases works to find him.

The script was penned by Benjamin van der Veen and Kario Salem based on a story from Nicolai Fuglsig. Fulgsig was originally pegged as the director for the film, but he opted to go with an executive producer position alongside Eva Maria Daniels instead.

The news comes just a few days after the announcement that Schwarzenegger will take on a “substantial” role in the upcoming sequel to The Expendables, due out August 2012. Bruce Willis was also confirmed as the main villain for The Expendables 2.

In addition to Captivity and The Expendables 2, Schwarzenegger is also set to star in The Last Stand, Korean director Kim Jee-Woon’s English-language debut. In The Last Stand, Schwarzenegger plays an aging sheriff struggling to protect his town’s borders from drug runners.

Source: Deadline via The Guardian