Dying Queen Elizabeth Orders Camilla Parker-Bowles To Be Exiled From Britain

Queen Elizabeth II is allegedly on the brink of dying and has even tried to get Camilla Parker-Bowles exiled from Great Britain.

According to the upcoming print edition of GLOBE Magazine, the Queen has finally become fed up of Camilla’s antics, and the fact that she is suffering from ill health means that she has resorted to desperate measures to get her out of the royal family.

Celeb Dirty Laundry have noted that the current head of the British monarch is “dying,” while they’ve also alleged that Camilla has put pressure on Prince Charles “to fight for his birthright or else face a £350 ($580) million divorce.”

According to GLOBE, Camilla also has a huge issue with Kate Middleton, who is married to Prince William, Charles’ son, and she believes that by finally becoming the Queen she will have power over the Duchess of Cambridge. Charles, on the other-hand, doesn’t really care about becoming King, which has only helped to exacerbate the issues in their marriage.

However, the Queen is now fed up of Camilla’s shenanigans, especially since Middleton reportedly recently suffered a miscarriage. Queen Elizabeth is increasingly protective of Middleton and she has declared that the stress that is currently being caused by Camilla is having a terrible affect on her.

According to GLOBE‘s sources, “Camilla has been ordered not just from the palace but out of all of Britain.” It’s then been added that Elizabeth has offered her $50million to leave the island too.

It’s highly unlikely that GLOBE‘s story is actually true though, and you could probably put this story in the same category as the Prince Phillip killed Princess Diana fabrications.

The Inquisitr reported earlier today that The Queen and Kate Middleton are actually feuding at the moment, and that their dispute has become so intense that William and Kate are contemplating moving to Anmer Hall.


According to Life & Style magazine, an alleged insider declared that the duo actually “plan to break with royal protocol and move out from their newly renovated apartment at Kensington Palace and into their summer home at Anmer Hall in Norfolk.”

The source explained:

“The queen is furious, It’s a huge slap in the face for her. Kate [and] William are sending the message that they refuse to be forced by the queen to do anything. Kate has lots of friends with kids who live in Norfolk, and she is already planning a very full social life for her and William and George. George won’t have a shortage of playmates, unlike in London, where he doesn’t have much freedom.”

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