Rick Perry Vows To Stop Narco Terrorists, Call National Guard 'Tip Of The Spear'

Rick Perry had vowed to stop the "narco terrorists" and secure the border between his state of Texas and Mexico. Governor Perry also says that the National Guard is just the "tip of the spear" when it comes to guarding the border.

The Texas Governor feels that the National Guard will play a key role in protecting the Texas border and has been very vocal in his criticism of President Barack Obama and his handling of illegal immigration and attempts to secure the border.

During a recent visit to the Texas border to review the situation and visit with National Guard troops, Rick Perry said, "You now are the tip of the spear, protecting Americans from these cartels and gangs." The statement was made while addressing approximately 100 uniformed troops gathered at Camp Swift -- about 35 miles east of Austin.

The governor asked for 1,000 volunteers to help secure the border, he quickly got 2,200 members eager to help achieve the important national security task. Perry, along with other border state Republican leaders, have enhanced both staffing and equipment for the open-ended border deployment. The state-funded operation will cost about $1.3 million per week and the National Guard deployment an additional $12 million per month. Although the cost is high, the sticker price is actually a drop in the bucket compared to taxpayer-funded foreign aid given to Mexico and other countries each year.

"The idea that what we're doing is politics versus protecting the people of Texas, the people of this country, is just false on its face. These men and women know what they're doing," Governor Rick Perry added during his address to National Guard troops. Once he finished speaking, the uniformed troops whooped and clapped loudly in response.

The National Guard troops along the Texas and Mexico border do not currently have arrest powers, but Perry has the authority to allow such action if he so chooses. Lt. Colonel Joanne MacGregor, said that the troops will be armed for the purpose of self-defense and are currently ordered to "deter and refer" illegal immigrants to Border Patrol agents.

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As previously reported by The Inquisitr, approximately 65,000 illegal immigrants, one-third of them unaccompanied children, have walked across the border and surrendered themselves already this year. The illegal aliens have been transported to all 50 states after being released from Border Patrol detention centers. The individuals were instructed to return for deportation hearings at a future date -- but government statistics indicate that the vast majority of illegal immigrants never return for such hearings.

What do you think about Rick Perry sending National Guard troops to the Texas border and vowing to stop narco terrorists?

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