Dabbleboard gets an upgrade

Following a well received launch last month, online whiteboarding tool Dabbleboard has been upgraded with a range of new features that deliver an even more appealing package.

Auto-detection of curved lines makes some types of drawing such as flowcharts easier and also allows users to make complex shapes by grouping straight lines and bezier curves. The site also now auto-detects diamonds and triangles.

Users can now embed images. Embedded images work like any other objects in terms of moving/scaling/replication/etc.

The site has also had a makeover, and looks and feels more professional, while still being user friendly. Updated look-and-feel throughout the website.

Dabbleboard founder Zohair Hyder informs me that the next release will be focused on stability, performance and security, with this release being focused on delivering some of the requested features. I liked Dabbleboard when I first wrote it up, and I still like it…I’ve just got to resist the urge to scrawl weird things on the page every time I hit it 🙂