‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Billy Miller Finally Be Revealed As Jason Morgan?

Updated: Now there seems to be uncertainty via insiders that Miller is headed to General Hospital after all. Fans are anxious for confirmation, but it looks like for now they need to stay tuned.

Fans of General Hospital finally get some progression on the return of Jason Morgan, it seems, this week. Robin is back, and while it looked like Jason was a goner, viewers finally will get a peek at a hand but probably not a face. Will fans finally see Billy Miller in this role, a move which has been bandied about for months now? The network is keeping mum on this front, but there are a lot of General Hospital spoilers and speculation surrounding this one.

Billy Miller fans have been lobbying to see the former The Young and the Restless star on General Hospital for months now. The show has also been laying the groundwork for a Jason Morgan return, and it’s finally here. At least, to a degree. What General Hospital spoilers are available regarding Jason’s return and the possibility that it’s Billy Miller in the role?

Though this week fans will finally see that Jason is alive, it sounds as if it’ll take some time yet before he is seen in full. The Official Morgan Corinthos Facebook page teases General Hospital spoilers that Jason’s face won’t be shown until there is another accident, and naturally he will be bandaged. Then Jason’s face will be revealed, and supposedly it will indeed be Billy Miller in the role. It may be that this accident comes as Jason and Robin try to escape Victor’s clutches. If these spoilers are right, it seems there may be another round of amnesia, brain injury, and so forth for Morgan.

The big question remains: Is Billy Miller really playing Jason Morgan? ABC is going the route they did with the big Michelle Stafford reveal, in that they are confirming absolutely nothing in this regard. However, there have been a few soap-related insiders saying that a deal has been struck.

The latest buzz comes from Twitter user @MarkHsoap, who seemingly has some General Hospital spoiler info. He says, “Billy Miller didn’t sign a contract (per FV last weekend), so like many #GH characters, he’ll be recurring for now. Testing on both sides…” Franks know that “FV” would refer to Frank Valentini, the executive producer of GH. Mark goes on to say that supposedly the recurring status agreement for Miller allows him to do other projects, an opportunity that was important to him and his management team. Fans of The Young and the Restless know this became a major sticking point for the actor that led to his Y&R departure.

While many GH fans yearn to see Steve Burton back in the role, he has made it clear he plans to stick with the role of Dylan on The Young and the Restless. The role of Jason Morgan will definitely be a tough one to recast, but many think Billy Miller is a great fit. Going with a recurring agreement does make a lot of sense for both sides with this one. Granted, there is a lot of speculation that Miller may be heading to General Hospital for a role that will initially be portrayed to be that of Jason Morgan, but may ultimately be someone else entirely. Or, Billy Miller isn’t headed to the soap at all and fans will be shocked to see a different actor appear when Jason’s face is finally shown.

Will fans embrace Billy Miller as Jason Morgan if that’s how this plays out? Will fans really have to wait until September, or later, to see the big reveal? Tune in to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC to see what comes next for the character of Jason Morgan.

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