Dog Elected Mayor In Minnesota

A dog was elected mayor in Minnesota. On Saturday, Duke the dog will officially be sworn in on the small town of Cormorant. Although the Minnesota mayor is just 7 years old, Duke is not the youngest leader ever elected in the state. Voters previously elected a 3-year-old boy as the mayor.

Cormorant, Minnesota, voters each paid $1 to cast a vote in the election. The Minnesota village is home to just about 20 people. After winning the election to become the new mayor, Duke received 5 hours of grooming at a local venue and then was honored with a new “outfit.”

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After the dog is sworn in as the new Cormorant mayor at an annual town fair, the issue of salary will come into play. The altruistic Duke is not accepting any pay for his new post, instead a Tuffy’s Pet Store is donating a year’s supply of dog food as a reward for his service to the village. “He is an outside dog, loved by everyone in the town, and he is a regular at Cormorant Pub. Pretty much everyone knows him,” resident Tammy Odegarrd said.

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“He won by a landslide. He doesn’t know how to handle this publicity. Poor Richard Sherbrook that owns the Cormorant Store, he didn’t even have half as many votes as Duke did,” resident Tricia Maloney added. Cormorant is located in the Northwestern region of Minnesota. Bobby Tufts, was the 3-year-old mayor once elected in the Minnesota small town of Dorset. Tufts served until he was five and then turned his officer over to Eric Mueller, 16.

The farm dog is reportedly extremely friendly; while walking around town, he barks at anyone not observing the speed limit. No one knows if the Duke the dog is a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or an Independent, or how he feels on any pressing issues of the day — nor does anyone seem to care.

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