4 Dead Goleta Home: Man Stabs 4 Family Members And Dog Inside Goleta Home

In a chilling news report, 4 people were found dead in a Goleta, Calif. home, and the man that killed them, Nicolas Holzer, was arrested on Tuesday. According to NewsOXY, Holzer has been accused of stabbing his elderly father, his two young sons, his mother, and their dog. When approached by police, Holzer said that the killings were his “destiny.” He was taken into custody without any additional fuss and will likely be charged with four counts of first degree murder.

“Holzer lived at the home, which he shared with his parents and sons, ages 10 and 13. Two kitchen knives believed used in the killings were recovered.”

The 4 dead in the Goleta home may or may not have had any kind of dispute with Holzer before he killed them. Interestingly enough, Holzer himself called 911 after murdering his family. He said that he killed his 73-year-old father, William Holzer. He then went into a bedroom where his two sons were sleeping and stabbed them both several time. Lastly, Holzer stabbed his 74-year-old mother, Sheila… and killed the dog while he was at it.

According to The SpreadIt, Holzer remained calm through the interrogation process. He didn’t seem remorseful or guilty in any way. He maintained that he had to kill his family, for whatever reason.

“The remains of Mrs Holzer were discovered in a hallway near the children’s bedroom, it appears she too was trying to protect her grand kids.”

Neighbors of the 4 found dead in the Goleta home had nothing but nice things to say about the family. It’s safe to say that the community is completely shocked and devastated over this news.

“Neighbors claimed that the family appeared to be normal and very loving with the children.”

Nicolas Holzer is being held without bail. He will more than likely undergo a mental health evaluation. If he is found to be suffering from a mental health disorder, he may get off with a lesser punishment (California does not punish by way of the death penalty).

It is unknown why Holzer killed his family or what might have been going through his mind at the time of the murders. It’s also unknown if he tormented any of them before their murders. Obviously he is a very disturbed man, but he didn’t seek help before acting out. It is unknown if Holzer was married, and if he was, where his wife was during the brutal attacks.

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[Photo courtesy of The SpreadIt]