Body Of American Woman Found In Suitcase In Bali, Her Daughter, Daughter’s Boyfriend Questioned

The dead body of a woman was found left in a suitcase at a luxury hotel in Bali, Indonesia, and the woman’s daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend have been arrested, CNN is reporting.

According to police, the body of Sheila von Weise Mack was found at the luxurious St. Regis Bali resort, stuffed into a gray, hard-sided suitcase. Police chief Djoko Hari Utomo said that Mack’s body showed signs of blunt-force trauma to the head and face, had bruises on her wrists, and had a broken nail, indicating a possible struggle.

Sheila’s daughter, Heather Mack, and Heather’s boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, told police that the family had been held captive by an armed gang. They stated that the gang killed Sheila, but that Heather and Tommy were able to escape. (See also: “Florida Murder Suspect Asks ‘Siri’ Where To Hide The Body” – The Inquisitr)

Police, however, are giving a different version of the events that led up to the body being found. According to Newsmax, the two women had been staying at the hotel for a few days before being joined by Tommy Schaefer on Monday. On Monday night, Mack and Schaefer were seen arguing on the hotel’s security camera.

On Tuesday, according to police, the couple hailed a taxi Tuesday morning and put a suitcase — the same suitcase that allegedly contained the dead body — in the back of the taxi, and told the driver to wait. After waiting for two hours, the driver went into the hotel to look for the couple, and found no sign of them. The taxi driver saw blood on the suitcase and took it to police, who found Mack’s dead body stuffed inside. Hotel workers also found two other pieces of luggage on the property, containing bloody towels. Meanwhile, Schaefer and the younger Mack were seen on security footage leaving the back of the hotel instead of the main entrance, and were later found at a hotel in a town six miles away.

As of this post, Mack and Schaefer have not been charged with any crimes, and are merely in custody. By Indonesian law, they can be held without being named as suspects for 24 hours; if they’re named as suspects, they can be held for 20 days, according to CNN.

Also according to CNN, Sheila Mack had worked for senator Ted Kennedy and writer Saul Bellows.

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[Image courtesy of: Yahoo News]