Comcast Customer Service Put User On Hold For Three Hours, And You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

Comcast customer service put a man on hold for three hours, and you won’t believe what happened next. Once again the cable ISP has shown how little they seem to care about their users or their experiences.

The company is getting a horrible reputation in the news lately. First Ryan Block recorded one of the worst customer service calls he’d ever had, and then not much later Tim Davis used a recorded phone call to force Comcast to refund fictitious charges from his bill. The latest recorded phone call was made by someone trying to cancel his service, and couldn’t.

YouTube user Aaron Spain called the Comcast customer service number and was put on hold for three hours. During the third hour he decided to make a video of the experience, and after hanging up he tried a different phone number to see if he could get through and cancel his service. He showed the phone call in progress, holding his phone up to the camera as shown in the video below.

When he called the second time after being put on hold for over three hours, he navigated a maze of options until he finally found the line to cancel his service. By that time, the offices were closed.

Is this how Comcast runs their business now? The cable internet mega-company apparently knows its U.S. consumer base doesn’t have many options and doesn’t even seem to care about where the money is coming from.

How many bad experiences will it take before Comcast decides to stop attempting to rival Electronic Arts as the worst company in the U.S.? Three horrible experiences recorded within a month is bad for any company, and sadly it’s becoming an expected practice for the cable ISP.

If Comcast is indeed recording and monitoring phone calls for training purposes, why aren’t they doing more to actually stop things like this from happening? Obviously Mr. Spain already didn’t want to deal with them, and Comcast customer service put him on hold for over three hours and closed without ever answering the call.

If Comcast did this to you, what would you do?

[Image via Forbes]