Cheer Mom’s 10 Years In Prison: Andrea Clevenger, ‘Cheer Perfection’ Mom, Sentenced In Teen Sex Case

A cheer mom’s 10 years in prison brings some justice to a family with a teen boy she is said to have had an inappropriate sexual relationship with last year. Andrea Clevenger, who appeared on the TLC show Cheer Perfection, was sentenced this week after pleaded guilty to one of the charges against her. Though it seems she made some excuses for the relationship at the time, her choices will have her in jail for quite some time now.

The Huffington Post shares the details on the cheer mom’s 10-year sentence. Andrea Clevenger pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree sexual assault and engaging a child in sexually explicit conduct. Clevenger was originally facing a rape charge as well, and she pleaded not guilty to that. The boy involved was a 13-year-old boy and a family friend. The case had been set to go to trial next month.

Clevenger received two 10-year sentences as well as two 10-year suspended sentences. At this point, it seems unclear whether the sentences will run concurrently or consecutively, though early reports indicated they would be served concurrently. Andrea must also register as a sex offender and she is not allowed to have visitation with the teen, according to TMZ. Reports indicate that the Cheer Perfection mom had engaged in sex with the boy in her car twice and her home once.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the cheer mom’s 10-year sentence came about after the teen’s parents found explicit photos of her on the 13-year-old’s cellphone. They contacted the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline last November, and Clevenger was arrested in January. The investigation revealed that various acts of sexual intercourse had taken place between Andrea Clevenger and the teen boy on several occasions. In addition, authorities discovered that the cheer mom had sent 32 explicit photos to the boy.

The victim’s mother indicated that she had a discussion with Clevenger after the photos were discovered, and the cheer mom admitted to what happened between them. She added, however, that the teen “doesn’t act 13 (years old).” Of course, that didn’t make a difference to the parents or the authorities.

Many Cheer Perfection fans will remember Andrea and her daughter Kylie from the TLC show. The network has since canceled the show, but said that the decision came prior to the arrests of Clevenger in this case, and the arrest of the gym’s co-owner RD Dunlap on drug charges. Was the cheer mom’s 10-year sentence appropriate for the situation?

[Image via Parent Society]