Brittany Murphy's Lifetime Biopic Slated With Actress Amanda Fuller

It's the biopic that no one asked for, and yet Lifetime is bringing us Brittany Murphy's story. Lifetime has been on a roll with giving us an over dramatization of our favorite Hollywood icons. Right now they have Angela Bassett helming Whitney Houston's biopic, and a biopic on the late singer Aaliyah, which has garnered major controversy over casting.

Now Lifetime is lining up another biopic with actress Brittany Murphy's story. In what we guess is Lifetime's move to quiet criticism, the network has announced with the development of the biopic that they have secured actress Amanda Fuller to embody the late Murphy.

According to The Wrap, this biopic will address Murphy's childhood, her rise to stardom, her death, and beyond. The film will air on September 6, with Fuller in the lead role. Fuller is currently known for playing Tim Allen's daughter in the ABC sitcom Last Man Standing.

As for Murphy's mother Sharon, Ray Donovan's Sherilyn Fenn is portraying the mother who supported her daughter through her career. In a statement, Lifetime had this to say about Brittany Murphy's life and the upcoming biopic.

"Her desperation for approval and insecurity about her looks makes her personal life a disaster. Unlike other stage moms, Sharon was always her daughter's support system, but that enduring love wasn't enough to save her sensitive Brittany from the vicissitudes of Hollywood life."

Here's a look at Amanda Fuller:

The beyond part of the biopic will address the multiple reports about Murphy's death and her father's request for further testing, which came to a head in 2013.

Odds are Lifetime will probably go into the current battle occurring between her mother Sharon and her father Angelo Bertolotti. It may also delve into the sudden death of Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack, which happened a year after her death and due to similar circumstances.

In 2013, Murphy's father was finally granted permission, and the case on her death was reopened. After submitting a hair follicle, tests revealed that the late actress had abnormal amounts of heavy metals in her system. The results lead to the conclusion that Murphy might have been poisoned. Before the testing, it was believed that Brittany died due to pneumonia and other factors, such as acute anemia and multiple drug intoxication.

Bertolotti has theorized that Brittany might have been poisoned due to her support of Department of Homeland Security whistleblower Julia Davis. Murphy's mother Sharon claims that this theorizing and further testing is an attempted smear.

As of right now, while Lifetime seems to be going with a positive depiction of Brittany's mother, it isn't known if the biopic was authorized or not by Murphy's mother or father.

Brittany Murphy passed in 2009 at the age of 32.

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