Beyoncé And Jay Z's Boulevard Lunch Date With Blue Puts Divorce Rumors To Bed

Beyoncé And Jay Z put recent divorce rumors to bed last week when they were seen enjoying a spot of lunch, along with daughter Blue Ivy, at San Francisco's posh Boulevard restaurant and were reportedly "all smiles."

The International Business Times reported that according to eye witnesses, the most talked about couple of the moment were smiling broadly and seemingly getting on like a "house on fire" during their long lunch date, made cuter by the fact Blue was there with them.

Even though Jay Z kept a lower profile than his wife, one would have thought that things were just peachy between the couple, who are currently in the midst of their On the Run tour which finishes in September.

Another thing that cast serious doubts on the numerous media reports that Beyoncé And Jay Z are on the verge of a divorce is the fact that Bey has been posting picture after picture on her Instagram account of late looking happy and very much in love with Jay.

The recent reports in the press regarding marital issues between the couple range from cheating rumors to bitter arguments, but it has always seemed that many of them are unfounded and just attempts by the tabloid media to write a "good" story.

Other reports, like those in the Daily Mail, alleged that things between Bey and Jay were so bad recently that they even stayed in separate hotels. That's funny, seeing as they reportedly splashed out $30,000 per night together at the Presidential Suite in luxury St. Regis hotel.

After lunch at the Boulevard, Beyoncé And Jay Z joined Black Eyed Peas' at Tosca Cafe. Apparently Bey was completely oblivious to all the negative comments surrounding her marriage.

A witness who saw the pair told reporters, "It was something you could never imagine seeing when Jay and Bey walked in. Beyoncé smiled at anyone who she made eye contact with and appeared to be at total ease despite what everyone has heard."

It remains to be seen whether there is any weight to all the recent Beyoncé And Jay Z divorce rumors. No doubt the tabloid press will be there first if the slightest hint of a story is available for the picking.