Paris Hilton Gets Paid $347K An Hour To DJ

Paris Hilton is a multimillionaire hotel heiress, so having a job isn't the first priority on her to-do list. Turns out Paris has been working a few hours making special celebrity appearances at nightclubs in the Mediterranean, and according to OK Magazine, the heiress is making $374,000 an hour to not only appear, but to show off her DJ skills!

Paris Hilton reportedly signed a deal to appear at some of Ibiza's top nightclubs over a four night span, and according to Mirror, she is being "richly reimbursed" for her DJ appearances. In total, Paris is set to make a whooping $2.7 million in just four days. Maybe this DJ deal is what has Paris so happy in recent photographs with Kim Kardashian.

In a recent report by The Inquisitr, a photo of the two indicated that they are ready to put any negative history behind them and move on. According to the report, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian had grown up best friends:

"The two go way back. Kim and Paris went to nursery school together and Kim even worked as Paris' personal assistant at one point. They were once close friends with Nicole Richie, and it seems that Paris, Kim, and Nicole would be BFFs forever. They often attended red carpet events with one another and did all the things that best buddies with gigantic trust accounts do."
In recent years, the two began drifting apart and rumor even began stating that the Paris and Kim were feuding with one another. Well, all signs of feuding were gone when the two were photographed in Ibiza celebrating Italian designer Riccardo Tisci's birthday.

While Kim went along her business after the party, Paris is reportedly staying behind to make her DJ appearances. According to USA Today, Paris is scheduled to perform in South Korea and Colombia before she finally ends her DJ tour in Atlantic City in October.

As far as Paris' abilities go as a DJ, there have been some mixed reviews. One source told reporters that the crowds seem to enjoy her work, but she is also working in areas known for their drug habits, according to OK Magazine:

"The crowds do seem to enjoy it, but most are too off their faces to care that she's simply pressed play on a Beyonce megamix."
Twitter had begun exploding with responses to Paris Hilton's pay as a DJ, just check it out for yourself and make sure to join in the conversation by posting your comments below:

[Image via Sydney Confidential Twitter Feed]