New York Law Bans ‘Tiger Selfies’

“Tiger Selfies” have become a new and dangerous internet trend that has many concerned not only for those attempting to take the photos, but also the big cats themselves.

According to a previous report by The Inquisitr, the trend was sparked by a Tumblr blog called Tinder Guys with Tigers, which reportedly collects pictures of guys cuddling with wild cats of all sizes. These photos are reportedly popular for the use on social media and dating profiles in an attempt to make the men either look brave or cuddly, but these photos could be doing both man and big cat more harm than good.

CBS New York stated that while these “Tiger Selfies” pose a threat to humans, they can also be putting the big cats in danger as well. Wildlife advocates say that the “tiger selfie” trend encourages mistreatment of endangered animals because the big cats are often taken from their mothers as cubs and neglected and/or discarded when they grow up.

“They breed the cubs, use them for photo-ops, and then when they can’t use them they breed more,” said Carole Baskin, founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue, a Tampa, Florida sanctuary that has more than 100 big cats. “Taking the cub away is a misery to the cub and the mother, and the cubs aren’t fed properly. They don’t sell tiger milk at the pet store.”

According to ABC News, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law this week which prohibits direct contact between members of the public and big cats at traveling animal shows and fairs. The report continues on to say that animal exhibitors would face fines for each individual violation.

While many who backed the bill say they didn’t know what a “Tiger Selfie” was a the time of drafting the bill, they agree that special measures need to be taken to keep both humans and the big cats safe.

The new “Tiger Selfie” law has been getting a lot of attention from social media, just check out the mixed Twitter response:

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[Image via Tinder Guys With Tigers Instagram Feed]