Tweet Goes Viral When ‘Hermes’ Delivery Service Leaves Parcel For Benjamin Ward On His Roof: Sorry?

We’ve all arrived home to find a note from a parcel delivery service saying they couldn’t leave a package because it required a signature or that they left it with your neighbor.

But enter myHermes Delivery service in England who has taken securing a package to a whole new level by leaving it out of reach on the roof! And the accompanying note left by the delivery person, though baffling and funny, was also appropriate, as reported by Mail Online.

Benjamin Ward, 24, of East Sussex, England, arrived home and was promptly greeted by a note which announced that he’d received a package. Among the options on the note for where the package had been left, “In your shed/out building” and “In your Garage” were included, but “Other” was the one selected, followed by a seemingly sincere, handwritten sentiment, “Stuck on roof – Sorry!”

What? The roof? Yep, sure enough, looking up Ward saw his package, wedged between the roof and the rain gutter.

While the delivery person had apologized, Mr. Ward was still compelled to send out a Hall of Fame Tweet, expressing his surprise with choice visual aids, and a touch of sarcasm, to highlight his incredulity:


His hilarious message has since caught fire in the Twitter-verse, with 3,487 fellow Tweeters re-tweeting, and 1,705 designating it a “favorite”.

“I laughed. It is just ridiculous. I think he must have been trying to lob it over the house,” said Mr. Ward. “It was more funny than anything else so I don’t really want to make a big deal of it. They sent him (the delivery person) back to get it down with a ladder and say sorry. It was super awkward.”

Along with appreciating Ward’s post, many also wanted some more background on the bizarre incident, particularly how the package ever ended up on the roof in the first place. Ward’s reply?

“Trying to throw it over the house, I think!”

“At least they delivered it,” responded one of his fans.

AOL News reports that that Ward finally got to open the now Twitter-famed parcel, the box containing some clothes for his son.

While Hermes did issue an apology, calling the roof delivery to Ward “unacceptable”, they are one of the worst shipping firms in the United Kingdom according to the British nonprofit financial review, Moneywise. The unfortunate designation was based on a survey of 9,000 people, 30 percent of whom apparently had similar experiences to Benjamin Ward.

Whether or not any of those experiences included packages being thrown up on the roof were not included in the Moneywise survey, however.