Phaedra Parks Divorce: ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Already Dating After Apollo Nina Split

Phaedra Parks reportedly plans to divorce embattled husband Apollo Nida, and new reports suggest that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star may already be dating new guys.

The reality show stars have seen their marriage fall apart before a national audience, with the show delving into their crumbling relationship. Apollo Nida was recently convicted of a number of federal charges, including conspiring to commit mail, wire, and bank fraud as well as identity theft.

The divorce drama between Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks was on full display at his sentencing, with Phaedra not even present when a judge ordered him to prison for eight years.

According to US Weekly, Apollo Nida was angry that his wife failed to support him, and predicted their marriage wouldn’t last the duration of his prison sentence.”I mean, my wife didn’t even f**king show up for my sentencing,” he said. “I’m still salty about that.”

Now there are rumors that the marriage might be over already. There are rumors that Phaedra Parks has already started to date other guys, and MediaTakeOut shared pictures of the full makeover the Real Housewives star got as she starts a “new chapter in her life.”

MediaTakeOut was the outlet to break the news of the Phaedra Parks divorce plans, saying that her husband’s “blatant disrespect for their marriage” forced her hand.

“Phaedra and Apollo had their issues, even before he got caught up [in his legal drama]. Phaedra is a good and loving woman and she tried to stand by him, honor, and hold him down,” the source said, adding that Apollo has been leaving his wife to drink and party without giving her an idea where he’s going.

The report indicated that Phaedra Parks already filed divorce papers in Fulton County, but it has not yet been made public.