Gamescom: PS4 Has Sold 10 Million Consoles In Less Than 9 Months

Sony opened it 2014 Gamescom press conference Tuesday by revealing a jaw dropping number of Playstation 4 consoles sold.

To make that number even more clear, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president and CEO Jim Ryan stated during the Gamescome conference that the ten million number is the consoles sold to consumers, not shipped to stores.

The “sold-through” number is the most important number as it indicates the level of healthy demand for a console. The recent Xbox One numbers The Inquisitr reported on for the Xbox One is an example of this. Microsoft stuffed retail shelves with Kinect bundle between launch and March of this year, but weren’t buying the console. As a result, shipments of the Xbox One console between April and June were staggeringly low and it was outsold by the PS4 by margin of at least three-to-one.

The last official sales number reported by Microsoft was in April with 5 million shipped to retailers (via IGN). A big reason for that difference, aside from the perception difference by consumes, is that the Xbox One is available in only 13 markets versus 70 for the PS4. Microsoft is expanding that to more markets this fall, including China.

Sony announced in April that it sold-through seven million Playstation 4 consoles. It sold more than one million units when it launched last November. It also recently revealed that half of those that own a PS3 or a PS4 have a PS Plus subscription and that it plans to expand the Playstation Network out for the expected influx of new console owners this holiday season.

What do you think of the number of PS4 consoles sold? Has Sony built up an insurmountable lead over Xbox One in the console war or will Microsoft be able to catch up using moves like the just announced exclusivity deal for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Update: Sony posted the following on the Playstation Blog from SCEA President and CEO Shawn Layden.

PlayStation Nation: Thank you!

We just announced that the PlayStation 4 has sold through more than 10 million units worldwide since its launch less than nine months ago. It’s a remarkable milestone that reinforces PS4’s record-breaking pace and the movement it has created among players globally in defining next generation gaming.

On behalf of our entire team, I want to thank you for your support and passion. You’re the reason that PS4 is the #1 next generation console in the world and we’re grateful for your continued enthusiasm and for always pushing us to new heights.

Rest assured that the PS4 journey has just begun, and we’ll continue the momentum this holiday season with blockbuster titles, including Destiny, DRIVECLUB, Grand Theft Auto V, inFAMOUS First Light, Little Big Planet 3, and NBA 2K15, and innovative titles including Grim Fandango, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and Minecraft.

In addition to our expanding gaming library, we’ll also continue to enhance the PS4 system’s network feature to offered more breakthrough gaming experiences. Upcoming features include the ability to upload game footage directly to YouTube, and also “Share Play,” a new feature that allows players to invite a friend to a game—even when they don’t own a copy of it.

I look forward to sharing more details about new games and features coming to PS4 that clearly demonstrate why PlayStation is the best place to play.

[Image via Sony]