Billy Crystal Has ‘No Words’ Following Sudden Death Of Dear Friend Robin Williams

Billy Crystal lost one of his dearest friends on Monday. The actor took to his Twitter account hours after the news of Robin Williams’ death went public, and said two words that spoke volumes to the immense feelings of heartbreak, pain, grief, and loss.

Crystal and Williams spent so much time together over the years. Sure, they were both comedians, both in the business, but their friendship was so much more than just Hollywood. The two men would enjoy life together, experience new things together, and laugh together; after all, that’s what real friends do.

Billy Crystal was the first person to take Robin Williams to Yankee Stadium. Crystal, of course, a die hard Yankees fan, shared one of the most amazing moments with Williams many years ago. Williams recalled the event, saying that it was his favorite Yankee Stadium moment. According to, Williams loved the Stadium and he loved being there with Crystal.

“It was kind of amazing. It’s pretty outrageous because I had never been on the field at any baseball stadium. So it was like, ‘Mr. Crystal, take me on the field now.’ So that actually my only moment, big memory of Yankee Stadium.”

The laughs didn’t stop there. Billy Crystal and Robin Williams shared a lot of laughs privately too. It’s those moments, perhaps, that Crystal will cherish the most. It’s not easy to say goodbye, especially not like this, but Crystal had the privilege of calling Williams his friend. And chances are, when Crystal is able to find the words, he will share them with the world, because everyone is mourning this terrible loss.

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