'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Week 7 POV Ceremony Aftermath Brings Scrambling, New Plans

Stacy Carey

As week 7 of Big Brother 16 started, it looked like this could have the makings of an extraordinary eviction. There has been plenty of chaos, and then as so often happens in this game, houseguests won competitions when they really needed to and the original plan had to be tanked. Where do things stand now that the Power of Veto ceremony has been held? Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds lay out what's going on at this point.

Originally the house pretty collectively decided to target Frankie Grande for eviction. Nicole put him up on the block, and Caleb even worked to throw the Battle of the Block competition. However, Frankie magically managed to win anyway, which ensured he would come off the block and be safe. Then, Zach Rance won the Power of Veto so Christine had a tough choice to make regarding a new nominee.

As Buddy TV notes, Big Brother 16 spoilers from the live feeds revealed that Zach of course used the POV on himself, and Christine was convinced to backdoor Nicole Franzel. Though Nicole and Christine had promised not to go after one another this week, Nicole considered putting Christine up, and others made sure to let her know that. So now Nicole Franzel and Donny Thompson are on the block.

While earlier it seemed that Donny was in serious trouble, now Nicole is the target. As Big BrotherNetwork notes, Nicole isn't entirely giving up yet though she may not have much luck. At this point Derrick seems to have the most control over what's going on in the house, and he already has a pecking order planned. He wants to see Nicole gone this week, with Donny and Christine out next. He's had various discussions, particularly with Caleb and Cody, lining this all up.

Though Frankie and Zach were briefly on the outs, they seem to be happy together once again, and that could be an issue when it comes to controlling the house. Zach has filled Frankie in on how close he came to being evicted this week, and that could make for some fireworks developing soon.

Nicole is trying to flip the house and garner the votes to stay, and she does have some time yet. She wasn't caught entirely off-guard when it came to being nominated, but she has shed some tears. She talked with Christine after the POV ceremony, hoping to mend things again. Though these two toyed with aligning, it doesn't look like Christine feels the need for that at this point.

It is possible that somehow Nicole will convince the Big Brother 16 houseguests to keep her over Donny, and there are those who feel that Donny is a threat who should be eliminated sooner rather than later. However, Nicole's days do seem to be numbered. There's a lot of talk among various groups of houseguests, as they know that the jury is going to come into play now and some even wonder if there could be a twist of someone coming back at some point. Unfortunately for Nicole, most everybody seems to be focusing on the next target, assuming she is already done and gone.

Will the house turn upside down once again on their eviction plans? It's possible, but most would guess it's unlikely now. Many BB16 fans will be quite anxious to see who wins Head of Household this week. Will anybody make a truly big move in the coming week? Who will triumph when it comes down to Derrick and Cody versus Zach and Frankie? Tune in to Big Brother 16 airing on CBS on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights to see what happens next.