Tim McGraw’s Daughter Sings: Audrey McGraw,12, Shows Amazing Talent [Video]

Audrey McGraw Singing

Fans are getting a taste of what the future holds when they hear Audrey McGraw sing. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughter is proving to be an amazing talent in her own right at the young age of 12. Huffington Post reports that Audrey gave an acoustic performance before her father’s concert in Rogers, Arkansas on August 7th and at a pre-show before his show in Dallas, Texas at the Gexa Energy Pavilion on August 8th.

McGraw’s daughter sang Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks. The 12-year-old performed alongside two acoustic guitarists. An excited crowd videotaped and snapped pictures of the girl, who sang beautifully.

As Taste of Country notes, Audrey has “great control and pure tone; her performance was simple, letting her voice — the most gorgeous instrument — shine.”

One thing the article mentions is that Tim McGraw says none of his daughters listen to his music. All of them are One Direction fans. So, it’s not likely Audrey McGraw will opt to sing a song made famous by her mom and dad.

Audrey is the youngest daughter of Tim and Faith. Gracie Katherine is 17 and Maggie Elizabeth is 16.

When it comes to Audrey’s parents, rumors of divorce and marital strife have simmered down since Oprah interviewed Tim. He set the record straight on family, marriage, and career. The Inquisitr covered some of this in a related article. A lot of speculations and rumors revisit the couple after things have been calm in the headlines for a while, but McGraw and Hill continue defying the negative reports.

The latest drama had to do with an out-of-control fan at one of McGraw’s concerts in Atlanta. A woman by the name of Josselyn Taylor was videotaped being a bit aggressive while grabbing the singer as he reached out to touch hands with his fans at the end of a long stage. When Tim defended himself by swatting her back, it was an immediate scandal for about two weeks. Tim said his instant reaction was to get the woman away from him, but the fan felt she was “slapped” by the singer. Taylor went on to file a lawsuit against McGraw, but the incident was settled out of court. The two reportedly worked it out the “old-fashioned way” with conversation.

Now that Audrey McGraw appears to be a rising talent, maybe more positive focus will be on Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughter.

[Photo Credit: baileyalexxan/Instagram]