Kaley Cuoco: Will Penny Be Pregnant On ‘Big Bang’ Season 8?

Kaley Cuoco is joining fans in their excitement for The Big Bang Theory’s eight season premiere this September! The actress had to face insistent rumors a few weeks back regarding her alleged departure from the show, but everything has been cleared and Cuoco will definitely be back for future episodes.

Although Kaley’s regular presence on TBBT is already ensured, the actress herself admitted that she has no idea what the show has in store for its fans. However, Cuoco did discuss with Women’s Health Magazine what she hopes to see in upcoming episodes.

“I’m hoping next season will involve a lot of wedding stuff, I think that would be really fun. If I had to guess, Leonard is probably more of the planner than Penny, which would be very funny…. Everyone’s growing up a little bit.”


Kaley Cuoco’s statement intrigued fans who had been waiting for her character’s moment in the altar for so long. Is this a hint towards a possible Penny and Leonard wedding in the works? They announced their engagement in season 7’s finale, but according to Entertainment Weekly, we probably won’t see the big wedding next year. Big Bang’s producer Steve Molaro revealed at Comic-Con that the writers are not too eager to see Kaley’s Penny and her scientist boyfie to tie the knot.

“A wedding is sometime off in the future. They’re not in a rush.”

Another angle that has been intriguing fans for weeks is the possibility of a preggy Penny to appear on season 8. Unfortunately, Steve emphasized that it is unlikely for Kaley Cuoco’s character to bear a child in upcoming episodes.

“Penny’s first goal is to put the date far enough in the future so everyone knows for a fact that she’s not pregnant.”

Kaley, together with co-stars Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons, managed to snag a million dollar-an-episode deal with CBS, making them one of the highest paid TV actors today. Cuoco has recently been compared to Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel Green on the hit 90s sitcom Friends. Aniston also had a cushy $1 million-per-episode during the show’s last season, while Cuoco is expected to enjoy her huge paycheck for three more seasons in the future.

In other news, Kaley revealed that she and her husband, tennis star Ryan Sweeting, is already thinking of having kids, one year into their marriage. In the same interview she had with Women’s Health Magazine, Kaley Cuoco declared that she is meant to become a mom.

[Image from Thibault/Flickr]