Ashlee Simpson Bridal Shower: Jessica Simpson Instagram Pic Steals The Show

Ashlee Simpson’s bridal shower was a big event for the singer, but as it always seems, she couldn’t escape her sister’s shadow. Perhaps that’s a positive, but it was her big day, and Jessica helped her celebrate it.

The celebration of her last days as a single lady took place at sister Jessica Simpson‘s mansion, where her friends and female members of the family gathered by the pool. Ashlee is set to wed Diana Ross’ son Evan, seemingly keeping the vocal chords strong in the family after the legendary singer’s son proposed to her in January.

While the Simpson family made their fame with their music, it was tabloids on behalf of Jessica that really set off the sparks. Her divorce from Nick Lachey caught the media’s eye as their reality show also came to an end. Ashlee’s attempt to get laughs dancing after getting caught lip-syncing on Saturday Night Live couldn’t seem to live up to her sister’s notoriety.

Thankfully, Ashlee Simpson didn’t star in any embarrassingly bad movies like Dukes of Hazzard.

The younger Simpson sister was celebrating her bridal shower over the weekend when Jessica decided to post some pictures on Instagram. While it was a celebration of Ashlee’s upcoming big day, her older sister still managed to grab more attention. Posing in a tasteful and fashionable swimsuit, Jessica’s toned and amazing figure seemed the centerpiece next to her friend, showing off the results of her persistent diet and exercise regimen.

The other picture shared on Instagram included a group of Ashlee’s friends in floral headpieces lined up by the pool with the caption, “All the beauties celebrating…I love you Ash.”

Even though Jessica stole the show on social media, it wasn’t out of pure vanity. The singer, model and fashion designer has always shown she has a big heart in spite of her fame in the tabloids. Throwing a bridal shower for her little sister Ashlee Simpson was no exception.

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, Ashlee and Evan.

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