Illegal Immigrant Children Crisis Blamed On Parents Who Believe In Spanking Children

The illegal immigrant children crisis took a strange turn when some political commentators claimed American parents who believe in spanking kids were indirectly at fault for causing the current immigration crisis.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, illegal immigrant children are like “baby Jesus” or Moses” according to Nancy Pelosi, who echoes President Obama by calling the immigration crisis a “humanitarian crisis” that needs a softer touch. The political debate also has some people blaming former President George W. Bush for the current immigration problems faced by the nation.

According to Amanda Marcotte of Slate, the reason that spanking children has come up at all is because United States government signed, yet failed to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child:

“Much of this process just happen to be in direct violation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, an international treaty that expects signatory countries to use a ‘best interests’ of the child standard in crafting laws regarding minors, and that every child migrant be given legal counsel for their immigration hearings.”

There has been a lot of debate over how the illegal immigrant children should be housed. Previous plans have included military bases or even buying out resorts for $50 million. There was a hoax going around that Michelle Bachmann claimed she wanted labor camps for illegal immigrants, and there was even a White House petition to have President Obama house the illegal alien children in Washington D.C. and in his own home.

But Marcotte isn’t alone in making these claims. She quotes Mother Jones while discussing spanking kids in the context of the illegal aliens:

“[T]he reason the U.S. has not ratified the treaty is because our country’s very powerful Christian right has blocked any attempt to do so, mostly because they’re afraid that it will make it illegal to spank your children…. Nonetheless, having a document that spells out what we promise, as a country, to do for children would provide clarity in the debate over how to handle this child migrant crisis. Unfortunately, this country is in thrall of a religious minority whose desire to control its own children, with violence if necessary, apparently trumps the human rights of all children, even those that aren’t their own.”

To put this idea in perspective, spanking studies have shown that corporal punishment can work as long as children feel loved. But others studies claim spanking kids can be linked to mental issues and even obesity.

What do you think about the claim that spanking children and the illegal immigrant children crisis is somehow linked?