McDonald’s Swastika: Symbol Added To Bun In Butter Costs One Employee His Job

A McDonald’s swastika story has gone viral, and people are shaking their heads over this one. While many wonder if this one is for real, so far, it seems that one fast food restaurant employee seemingly did indeed make one really poor choice, and it apparently has led to a firing.

According to WCTI 12, customer Charleigh Matice had ordered a chicken sandwich in the drive-thru of the Morehead City, North Carolina location. She says that when she took the top of the bun off to put some mayo on it, she noticed the McDonald’s swastika. Apparently an employee in the restaurant had decided to use butter to put a swastika on the bun.

Matice says that at first she wondered if it was somehow a joke, but she doesn’t think it’s funny and notes that the symbol certainly is “not something that should be thrown around.” She adds that her grandfather fought in World War II, so she was not about to just brush this one off.

Employees at the restaurant offered her a new sandwich, but she declined. She says she had lost her appetite at that point so she requested her money back. However, she contacted the corporate headquarters for McDonald’s to report the swastika incident. She was soon told that the employee who put the swastika on the McDonald’s bun had now been fired.

While many would question whether this might be a stunt as there have been far too many restaurant-related hoaxes going viral lately, so far, this one seems legitimate. As the Daily Mail notes, franchise owner Dulcy Purcell says that they are “very sorry for the service that our customers received.” In addition, “to be clear we have terminated the employee who was involved” in the McDonald’s swastika incident.

What was this employee thinking? ABC News shares that Matice was eventually told that the employee involved had indicated “he was bored” and that’s how the McDonald’s swastika came about. She notes that when she went into the restaurant to address the issue, she saw two white males in the kitchen who both appeared to be in their late 20s. She says, “I feel bad that someone was fired,” but she does think that people should be professional in their jobs.

Ultimately, Charleigh Matice says she’s not upset with the restaurant, but she did want to spread awareness of why the McDonald’s swastika was so offensive.

[Image via Fox43]